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Season 1:

Episode 16-Priorities and Life Balance

How do you choose to live your life? What are your priorities and how do you balance them so you have the quality of life you want? In today’s episode we look at how you determine your priorities, where you spend your time, and if that is meeting your needs.

Episode 15-Relationships and Communication Revisited

Several listeners asked us to talk more about relationships and communication, so in today’s episode we do that. Different kinds of relationships at work and elsewhere, and how the way we interact, use our personal power, and communicate, makes all difference in how things flow.

Episode 14-Powerful Communication

In today’s episode we’re talking about communication. What it is, the many different ways we do it, how it impacts all of our relationships, and the way we claim our power.

Episode 13- The Fun Stuff

In previous episodes we’ve talked about a lot of important but difficult things, so we’re excited that in today’s episode we are talking about the fun stuff! These are things like happiness, joy, fun and appreciation. We look at their importance in your life, and the ways that these things can make all the difference in how your days, and your life, unfold.

Episode 12- Anger and Shame

In today’s episode we look at Anger and Shame. Two emotions that most of us feel at various times and under different circumstances. We will look at why Anger happens, what purpose it serves, and what we can do about it. We also explore what Shame is and how to deal with it.

Episode 11- Stress and Anxiety

In today’s episode we look at Stress and Anxiety. Two emotions that we all feel at times, and have felt more often in the last 18 months because of the pandemic and other local and world situations. Many people think that stress and anxiety are the same thing, but they are not! Today we talk about the causes, the differences, how they affect you emotionally, physically and socially, and what you can do to deal with them.

Episode 10- Boundaries Revisited and Guilt

We heard from several people about their struggle with setting boundaries, so we decided to take another look at it. In today’s episode we will be talking about what setting boundaries means, how to do it, how people might react when you do, and the feelings of guilt that others might try to lay on you when you make your boundaries known.

Episode 9- Transitions,Change, Loss, and Grief

In today’s episode, we will be looking at change and how it affects you. There is an emotional process we all go through with each change, big and small, in our lives.  It’s important to understand this process so you will know that what you’re feeling is normal, and how you can get through it and claim your personal power.

Episode 8- Passive, Aggressive, Assertive

In today’s episode, we will be looking at different ways of behaving: how you behave and treat others, and how others behave and treat you.  It’s important to understand these different modes so you can pay attention to what you do, what you allow others to do to you, and how you can claim your personal power.

Episode 7- The Shadow

Today we’re talking about your Shadow. This is the part of you that is the
opposite of everything you want to think you are. You want to think you are all positive, but as with all in nature, we are balanced, and have an opposite side, as well. Once you identify and come to terms with your Shadow, your life will be much easier.

Episode 6- Relationships

In today’s episode, we will be talking about many of the relationships in your life and how they directly relate to your ability to claim and use your personal power as you create the life you dream of.

Episode 5- Boundaries

In today’s episode, we will be talking about boundaries and how to set them so you can be successful and achieve your goals and dreams.

Episode 4 – Inner Child and Self-Talk

In today’s episode, we’ll be talking about your inner child and self-talk, and the importance of understanding how the way you talk to yourself will directly affect your ability to be powerful.

Episode 3 – Where Did You Come From

In today’s episode, we will be talking about where you came from, and why understanding and working with this directly affects your ability to feel, and be, powerful.

Episode 2 – Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

In today’s episode, we’ll be looking at self-esteem and self-confidence, and how these two things impact the level of your personal power.

Episode 1 – Personal Power

Welcome to Your Personal Power Pod, a podcast about tapping into your personal power in order to create the life you want! Today, we’re talking about… Personal Power! What it is, where it comes from, and how you can claim yours and make it work for you!

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I want to share all I know about what it takes to be emotionally healthy so that your relationships with yourself and others will be effortless, uncomplicated, trouble-free, and fun.

~ Sandy Abell

You might not know it but you’re having a relationship with… YOU! That relationship affects your entire life so, shouldn’t it be as healthy and happy as possible? “

~ Shannon Young